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    - can use other people's retexures.
    - is simple and makes sense.
    - fixes problem with scope being backwards.
    - uses a good animation.


    - the upper and lower are slightly off. you can see the world the seam.


    i was always turned off by the m14 skins because i feel they would be better for the military sniper rifle. but this works because it fells natural. I would've given it a 9.9 for the seam between the heat-shield and lower receiver but i can't because it fine enough anyway and because !@#$ crux and his horseshit review.

    This review was posted before the latest release.

Published Items

  • Mod
    Mantuna's css FAMAS anims for scar

    this skin was made a while back, it's a scripted version of the famas from css for l4d2 on mantuna's animations. i take no credit for the skin, i just uploaded if for anybody who wants it. this will not work on l4d hands, just css hands....

  • Mod
    tactical msbs radon for m16

    braincollector's msbs radon on imbrokeru's animations ported by arby26 and general icarus's texture oringinal compiled by coach-z. For m16 at long last. General Icarus - Retexturing Coach-z - Hacking, Compiling ImBrokeRU - Animations Ar...

  • Mod
    Remington 870 wingmaster(with miztaegg's retext...

    Twinke Masta's Remington 870 wingmaster model with Miztaegg's retexture originally ported by modderfreak.someone already uploaded this but i hated the texture,so i took the texture from miztaegg's remington 870 wingmaster ski and made it...

  • Mod

    burgertank fries replaces pain pills.hope someone prts this to l4d2 and reskins it.

  • Mod
    pete's spas 12 for l4d1

    like the g36k and usp match,this is another weapon that was part of modpack on gamershell that was finally ported to here.i managed to vpk it to work like an addon but like other addon will only work in single player.has its own firing s...


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