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    Brilliant Looking and play!
    Custom textures/models.
    Loads of doorways nooks and crannies off the main route to hide in/explore (tho more supplies in them).
    I loved the safe room at the end of map 1.


    No swords!
    No Lasers!
    Bit laggy at times ( probs my pc tho)


    I really loved this one, but I only give it 99/100, No swords! No Lasers! (that I found) Otherwise this map wud have 100! Personaly this is one of the best i have played(also the author found and used some textures i used in my own Tokyo map for SFTDM in ut99) I love the lay out of the maps, and the cable car etc, just brilliant!
    I could have spent longer in the first map, maybe 2 parts upper an lower, I really wanted to get into the underground mall!!!!
    Cant wait for the final version. Brilliant!

    This review was posted before the latest release.

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