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  • 5 Map Campaign
  • Includes Versus Mode
  • 3 Survival Mode Maps
  • Japanese Environment


  • kurochama

    Posted this review


    Just like having a tour in Japan during zombie apocalypse

    One of my favourite maps. There's no bot navigation error & the campaign works well. The directions & instructions are clear. I feel like really going to Japan each time I play this campaign. Walking through every abandoned Japanese-style house, shrine & hotel is kind of cool. I always love campaigns related to certain places in a country.
    The scavenge finale is rather glitchy & gives survivors advantages, but that's fine. You'll know what I meant when you reach the finale :) . You can do in easy way...or hard way. & I always enjoy looking around for awhile in the abandoned hotel because somehow I love the views of an abandoned building :) .

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