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    ======= In general =======
    + Unique lighting.
    + Very unique lighting.
    + Transfered the feeling of RE very well.
    + Level design 
    + Laser room if camping? Awesome idea.
    + Have I mentioned lighting?
    + Custom materials
    + Bot NAV is working well
    + Dat atmosphere...
    + Feels very professionally developed.
    + Love RE campaigns


    ======= In general =======
    - Well... it was quite short.


    Really good campaign. Actually I have stopped reviewing because of my (partly existing) laziness, but an exception is almost self-evidently here. Good job. Lighting was one of the best I have seen, not just because I could see something for example, but also because it was suiting the whole campaign perfectly. Well done, shorter than expected though.Great that I now suddenly don't have the choice of giving 9.8 points out of 10 (thanks gamemaps) but I guess giving 5/5 isn't a bad thing here. You deserved it, and everyone who was involved.

    This review was posted before the latest release.

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    Zoey Bent for Leather L4D2

    This is an awesome leather/latex skin made for Zoey. * All credit goes to 'rollingstone', he made this. 'K1CHWA' put his work into a VPK, I uploaded it to share it with you all. * Before you rate this badly because you have problems wi...


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