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    My favorite Resident Evil campaign.^^

    This is a really fun and slightly challenging Resident Evil campaign, not only very detailed and well-designed, but also restores  some of the original story and music.^^ The most challenging part is the last part of chapter 2, after failing to open the door, it will attract the zombie hordes and randomly spawn 0 to 2 tanks. If there was 0 tanks, the players are lucky, but if there was 2 tanks it will be more difficult, keeping some molotovs will help a lot.XD And the last part of finale, survivors must get into the basement to hide from the blast. I think this part is also challenging because players may not be able to find the direction arrow leading to the basement in the first place. But if there has friends to play together, finding the way will be a lot easier.XD Overall I really like this campaign and really enjoy it.^^ Nice work!^^

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