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I download, review, and offer my opinions on the various mods, maps, and campaigns! If someone needs me to beta test a campaign I'll do my best to help! <3 My website is simply my Steam Profile, so it'll be easier to find me :D!!

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    My favorite temple!
    Wonderful Zelda props and skins and music
    DAT FINAL BOSS!!!! <3


    Unexpected crash after dropping down the first hole after obtaining the Megaton Hammer in Map 5. Always happened when I open the second door to get the second hammer in there. ( First room when dropped with 2 doors)


    Aside from that crash on map 5 with that Hammer, this was absolutely fun to play and enjoyable now that the lag was fixed. Thanks again for the awesome campaign and new experience. I hope you wind up doing the Shadow Temple, that would be awesome... Maybe even a Zelda themed map taking place in areas in Ocarina of Time.( The Ranch, maybe Hyrule Castle( as both adult link and kid link.. Maybe fight Ganondorf in the end?)
    My only other suggestion for this would be to open up the Graveyard <3!! That would be so much fun.

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