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    Bring's Back all the "lost" Beta sounds giving us that beta feel for the game. They all sounds great and really do add something new.


    There are none.


    Really great work by you guys, keep it up! If your a beta fan like myself, its a MUST HAVE.

Published Items

  • Mod
    Spawns Fallen Surivor Common Only

    READ CHANGELOG. My Mod Will Spawn Only Fallen Surivors. I know this Isn't everyone's cuppa tea But It hasnt been done and Some People Have requested It. Enjoy This! It does create a new type of Gameplay, for some they may Enjoy, for othe...

  • Mod
    Mudmen Zombies

    Keep Your eye's open for any sudden movent... The mudmen could be anywhere. The are back and ready to slap more cr*p on your face. Wont work on dedicated servers!

  • Mod
    Roadcrew Zombies

    They are back to cause more construction! I mean Destruction ;) Better have your wits about, Pipe bombs may not be Helpful with this rather cheerful lot. Wont work on dedicated servers!

  • Mod
    Ceda Zombies

    Get ready for a Ceda Ass Kick. This will spawn only Ceda Zombies! Hope your ready for the Ceda'apocalypse. Wont work on dedicated servers!

  • Mod
    Riot Zombies

    The riot zombies strike back with force! Not a single Normal Common Infected In sight, Only Riot! Hope you have Your skills ready for the pain they are about to bring down on you! Wont Work On Dedicated Server's!

  • Mod
    Jimmy Gibbs Returns

    My Mod will spawn only jimmy Gibbs zombies, this was requested so here you go :D Wont work on Dedicated servers. For anyone who is having trouble getting this to work, here is the solution. 1. Make sure you dont have any other common inf...

  • Mod
    All Commons are clowns

    This will spawn clowns and the occasional Fallen Survivor. The clowns want revenge and have escaped dark carnival to feast on your flesh. This will not work on dedicated servers. Any Request? Personal message me. Thanks. For anyone who i...


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