Blood & Gore

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  • Necrowerx

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    This is awesome! 
    Everything about it


    None, really, except maybe some maps (Back To School) seem to have a problem with this:  but I think it's more the problem with the map than the mod


    I swear this little mod just made L4D(2) 50% more fun to play.  Does that make me a sicko?   lol 
    I love the splatter. 
    I don't think the textures are too big, they seem fine to me....?
    Likewise, the color is just right.  Real blood is not fire engine red, despite what some cheap halloween fake blood products might lead you to believe.  In fact, the thicker and more dry it is, the more brownish it is. 
    I agree this should have been an included option with the game from Valve:  "Gore-alicious"

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