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  • Pros:

    - Real time disasters
    - Some interesting ideas
    - Some unique and well made areas
    - Suspenseful


    - WHY THE HELL IS IT ZOEY'S VOICE YELLING "RUN"????????????????????????????????????????????
    - Gets a little confusing during the heat of the moment on where to go
    - Got stuck with the gas cans, I kept putting them in the generator and nothing happened so I just quit
    - 3D "ERROR"  models in the beginning alley
    - As another reviewer said, when I first saw the tornado I assumed I had to run away from it instead of towards it


    The Zoey voice yelling "RUN!" instead of Rochelle when this is a L4D2 survivor map really bugs me... EQUALITY FOR ALL L4D2 FANS!
    And it also confused me at first because I thought the L4D1 survivors were showing up.

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