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  • Pros:

    + Decent poster
    + Custom Background Music
    + Custom Ambient Sounds
    + Custom Safetoom/tank/finale Music
    + Custom Melee Weapons
    + Natural Placements of Hints and Supplies
    + Clear Routes
    + Perfect performance
    + Excellent Atmosphere setting


    - Nothing really.
    - Probably more original unique panic events would be perfect.
    - Need a hint in the end to open the gate.
    - And more "natural" hints maybe in the maze


    Finally after 2 hours of exploring and slaughtering, my long unfulfilled desire of playing a satisfying campaign was fulfilled. It has really been a long time since i played something of a quality this high and it's from England! God i love that place and its people.
    It is amazing to find out the mapping techniques and that wild imagination of the developer.
    At the same time that adaption of the original official soundtracks are truly amazing, the background music, the ambient sounds are just something to really marvel at.
    Love the voice actor in the BBC News also, and that of the cannibal mate in the end.
    Mapping: 10/10
    Events: 8.5/10
    Experience: 10/10
    TOTAL: 9.5

    This review was posted before the latest release.

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