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So tell me...what's become of my ship?

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    hmm cant think of any 
    good maps until the 4th 
    goof feel of a campgain 
    i like what you did


    not my favorite campgains but i still like it
    4th map was bizarre 


    hmmm make a sequeal?

    This review was posted before the latest release.

Published Items

  • Mod

    SHE'S A DARK ELF LIVING INSIDE the hall of the dead in windhelm added some magic shout and torch she has a bow and 9999 arrow's PS.USE'S DRAGONBORN SHOUT/YOU CAN MARRY HER NOW

  • Mod
    the hobbit

    this replaces the contagion logo to the hobbit logo thnkx to k1chwa for helpin me

  • Mod
    OutLast music
    Beta N/A

    this will change the two tank themes and l4d2 ending theme but not l4d1 i do not know why it wouldn't do it

  • Mod
    wwe in l4d2 music
    Beta N/A

    this changes some music to wwe and some you may hear from Smackdown vs raw 2006 2006 or smackdown vs raw 2007 2007 sorry cant do a video because my l4d2 will lag

  • Map
    Beta N/A

    a rushed map i dont know why i did it but its here again as beta bad comments will be ignored and i will map again poster made by K1chwa

  • Map
    Darkness Below
    Beta N/A

    everything is in darkness oh boi! i know this isnt a good map but bad comments will be ignored what so ever so heres the map poster made by Robo Typhoon

  • Mod
    Gold Tank

    got permission from the man himself if you dont belive me PM him this is the gold tank mostly he made it for me as a request

  • Mod
    gears of war judgement music

    this replaces the concert the both for the concert tank themes and the creidt theme l4d1 ending theme and saferoom theme and both tanks theme to gears of war judgment music i just want to mod guys is that to hard to ask?

  • 3 Maps
    Slam's sacrifice
    Alpha 5.3

    this uses coach rochelle ellis and nick there are mutiple pathways two tanks in a train nonstop hordes and yep final realease might be done i do not know when so theres only 1 map have fun:) map 2 will be done soon


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