Slam's sacrifice

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  • EshmawyMan

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    Not bad, but incomplete

    You shouldn't have let any hate comments get you and resumed your work till the end. Loved your additions and those unexplored parts of the campaign and it took me like 7 attempts to get it done. I missed that way from above the car and didn't see it at all and went to that ambulance with dozens of health kits after i wrongly shot that alarm car and hordes never stopped which was so bad. Managed to kill the first tank as it showed up alone and it was great, then the other 2 tanks showed up together with hordes and i burnt them along with bots with gas can and used 2 bile bombs into them it was chaotic XD and it was all on Expert. I ran all the way to the next room to get those bots out while charger and smoker were chasing. I always had those moments of fear to be alone waiting for some aids XD . Wish you come back and get it done. Make more changes to give us a totally new experience just to feel it's something new not a copy from the original valve work. Good Luck!

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