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I'm a skinner. That means I skin stuff. Dead or alive. If I were a modeler, that means I would model.

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  • Pros:

    -Working select fire mod
    -Three *mostly* functional fire modes to choose from
    -Semi auto is great for conserving ammo on high ROF weapons, or while you have special ammo active
    -Sound effects for switching firing modes :D
    -Reticle changes color depending on firing mode
    -Improved semi-auto and burst
    -safety mode


    -Burst can be still be kinda wonky, but not as much
    -overrides other autoexec.cfg functions
    -Semi-auto occasionally fires two bullets


    A major improvement, and even better with the safety function. Well done.

Published Items

  • Mod
    All Alone- A Mutation

    I wanted to bring the *survival* feel back to Left 4 Dead 2, something I felt it was entirely missing. You have plenty of resources, can carry more bullets than you have room in your pockets, and zombies hit you with the strength of a ma...

  • Mod
    Minimalistic Flashlight

    You've seen plenty of mods to make the flashlight light bigger; what about one to make it smaller? Makes the Flashlight's light much smaller and gives it a slight yellow tint. For that "horror" effect I'm so fond of.

  • Mod
    Undead Overrun- A Mutation

    'Undead Overrun', another singleplayer mutation mod that aims to bring the survival experience to Left 4 Dead. 'All Alone' veterans will be particularly pleased with the challenge this gamemode poses. Mastered the art of sneaking around...

  • Mod
    Lost MC Francis

    I haven't made a mod in a while, and since this has surprisingly never been done before, I thought I'd make Francis a member of The Lost MC from the ever popular Grand Theft Auto franchise. Features: -Blue jeans instead of black -A faded...

  • Mod
    Chrome M1911's revisited DEFAULT ANIMATIONS

    Workin' on that Valve time, dawg. Same as the other ones but on Valve's default animations. Of note is that the chrome effect is far less pronounced for some reason on the default animations. Also the rear sight doesn't move with the sl...

  • Mod
    Black Ops 2 Two-tone Five-seveNs

    'Omigosh, Mentlegen! Have I ever told you how original your skins are?' No, you haven't. And because I'm so original and creative, I've designed Five-seveNs that resemble nothing in particular. Certainly not Any Call of Duty games or any...

  • Mod
    M98 Barrett Ballistic

    REPLACES THE AWP A retexture of Doktor Haus's M98 Barrett bravo. The overall look was inspired by the Ballista from Black Ops 2, though I tried to not make them too similar. The scope lens has been recolored, and the overall scope has be...

  • Mod
    CSS Five seveN and USP retextured

    CS:S Five-seveN and USP, ported to l4d2 by Xenecrite onto Arby26's animations, retextured by me. Because lets face it, Valve's textures are ugly. Here's what I did: -Increased Five-seveN contrast to give it an overall darker look. -gave...

  • Mod
    Vampire Hunter

    I Ain't gonna let these God damn vampires beat meh!- Francis. Enjoy the first skin I actually bothered to post on this site in person. Check the changelog for update details.

  • Mod
    Sexy spitter

    A prostitute-esque spitter for all those who felt she would fit this persona better. Now you get why she's the spitter ;P comes equipped with full normals and retexturing/ reskinning. Enjoy, but don't get carried away (If you know what ...

  • Mod
    Chrome M1911's revisited

    Remember my old crappy M1911's? Of course you do. They were ugly as hell and crashed your game every other day. Not these! The VPK opens proper, for starters. The animations are changed to those of Arby's CZ78's (thanks to Xenecrite.) Th...

  • Mod
    5 Hour energy -take two-

    Second verse, same as the first. Darkened the red, and made the text italicized. Added the running guy to the top, though he's barely noticeable. Changed the amount to 8 ounces, since the bottle is bigger. Changed the Inside color to ora...

  • Mod
    5 Hour energy pills (OLD)

    Took me 2.5 hours to make; even longer if you count the first attempt. (roughly 6 hours total) First one looked BAD so I redid the entire thing and ended up quite pleased. (Left the old one inside the VPK for those who are curious.) Oddl...

  • Mod
    Redneck apocalypse shotgun

    One of Ellis's personal favorites because it reminds him so much of home. Comes equipped rocking that southern hillbilly pride, with bandages (everyone loves bandages) and a TATTOO of barbed wire because it's cheaper than the real thing ...

  • Mod
    Bumblebee M4

    Except you're not working right now, so here you are instead, L4dmaps! Thanks to K1CHWA for doing the decaling and such, couldn't have done it without 'em.

  • Mod
    Night Ops MP-44

    Hello thar, today I bring you the Modernized, Night ops STG-44. It took a good 2 hours to make, but then I'm kinda slow at this modding thing >_>. This is my second skin using everything hand made. No overlays, no tracing textures. HAND...


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