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    * Selective fire for SMG and rifles.
    * Added safety mode.
    * Works bug-free!


    * No indicator message as to what firing mode the gun-in-hand is at the heat of an intense battle. This poses a problem for players, like me, who have disabled crosshairs or the whole HUD for realism purposes (- 0.5)
    * Should be limited for fully-automatic SMG and rifles (- 0.0)
    * Three-burst for fully-automatic rifles are not of the same rate as the SCAR-L: It fires two rounds in succession, but has a 0.3 second delay to fire a third bullet... but I still can stand with it. (- 0.0)


    Can I leave a suggestion here? You can also make an experiment by making this mod as a .SMX Sourcemod plugin (just to get rid of problems with overridden autoexec.cfg)... but I know you would not like the prospect of having a hard time making an .SMX plugin from scratch. Still, this is a great mod for players who want to control their ammunition values. Kudos to you!
    PS: Waiting for indicator messages, just like what # Mentlegen is doing as of this moment :)

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