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"Technology is the answer." I am a texture artist and a hardcore gamer. Also known as Adam. I will also be giving feedback and criticism on maps and mods.

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  • Pros:

    - It's from the movie. :)
    - Reminds me of Mass Effect 3's soundtrack.
    - Good sound Quality.


    - None!


    This sound fits like a glove when a tank approaches. I'll be using this for a long, long time.

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Published Items

  • Mod
    Black Worn Steyr AUG

    A simple reskin for the AUG. Gives the weapon a battle-hardened black finish. Also added a bit of wear and tear to the magazine. This will also change the color tone of the metal parts to a bluish-black tone.

  • Mod
    Desert Marauder M4A4

    A reskin for the default M4A4. Features a worn tan receiver, worn tan rail covers, worn tan stock and worn metal parts. A README is included in the download. You can also view the contents of the readme in the changelog. Thanks and enjoy!

  • Mod
    Russian Spetsnaz Bill

    Bill picks up a new set of fatigues from a Russian Military Surplus. A retexture for Bill. Features a Spetsnaz VSR camo uniform and pants, black boots, a new Spetsnaz Beret, a Spetsnaz undershirt and blood stains. Also includes exponent...

  • Mod
    U.S. Army ACU Bill

    Bill gets fed up with his old 60's era uniform and manages to get a new U.S. Army ACU uniform. A retexture for Bill. Features a new beret, an ACU uniform, tan boots and blood stains. Also has a tweaked normal map and an exponent map,alo...

  • Mod
    U.S. Army soldier tank

    A simple reskin for the tank. Features tan boots, pale-ish skin tone, ACU pants and blood stains. Also includes a new exponent map and tweaked VMTs.

  • Mod
    Desert Recon Glock 18C

    A retexture for Twinke masta's Glock 18C, compiled to L4D2 by Doktor Haus on Hypermetal's animations. Features a tan frame, weathered textures, green glowsights, exponents and new shaders. Replaces the Uzi SMG. General Icarus(Adam.) - R...

  • Mod
    Vietnam TigerStripe VLTOR SBR M4

    A retexture for Kimono's VLTOR SBR M4, compiled to L4D2 by Coach-Z on ImBrokeRU's anims. Features a Vietnam TigerStripe finish, weathered textures, some 'Nam-related graffiti here and there,a better mag texture, VMT edits/tweaks and new ...

  • Mod
    Alliance Officer Miranda Lawson

    A simple retexture for Miranda Lawson from ME2 and ME3. Replaces Rochelle. Miranda finally decided to cut all ties with Cerberus, and enlists in the Alliance. Features an Alliance Blue Outfit with an Alliance Insignia, new exponents, tw...

  • Mod
    Custom Casual Nick

    Updated with a better skin tone, glowing blue streaks on the sneakers, and a color improvement for the pants. A simple retexture for Pappazkurtz' Prisoner Nick, giving him a more casual feel. What if Nick got fed up of his Americana Sui...

  • Mod
    Desert Recon M14 DMR

    A re-texture + new textures for Doktor Haus' recent M14 release. Features brand-new textures for the body/receiver and the barrel. Everything else is retextured. Also includes new exponents and tweaked shaders. Replaces the Mini14. Gene...

  • Mod
    U.S. Marines Coach

    A retexture for Pappazkurtz' SWAT Coach replacement model. What if Coach joined the marines instead of being a lame ol' hockey coach? This is what he'd look like. Features a Staff Sergeant ACU camo uniform, tan vest and gear, oakley gl...

  • Mod
    Desert Recon FN P90

    My retexture for SoulSlayer and Shortfuse's P90, compiled to L4D2 by arby26. Replaces the MAC10. Features a tan body finish, worn and weathered textures and custom normals and shaders. General Icarus - Retexturing, VMT edits arby26 - C...

  • Mod
    Tactical MSBS Radon 5.56

    A retexture for Brain Collector's badass MSBS Radon, compiled and hacked to L4D2 by Coach-z on ImbrokeRU's animations. Replaces the AK47. Features a new bluish gray finish, normals and shaders and weathered textures. General Icarus - R...

  • Mod
    Tactical Arctic Stripe SCAR-L

    A re-texture for End of Days' SCAR-L on ImBrokeRU's anims. Features a custom Arctic Stripe Camo Finish, Worn-out and Weathered Textures and Custom Normals and Shaders. General Icarus-Retexture, VMT edits ImBrokeRU-Anims Youpala arby26...

  • Mod
    OD Green Tactical XM1014

    A retexture for Twinke Masta's XM1014. Features worn-out textures and OD green furniture. Replaces the autoshotgun. Retexture/Shaders- General Icarus Porting- A1 Textures,Model-Twinke Masta Animations- Arby26


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