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    - Graphics are just excelent, loved them
    - NAV very improved
    - Bots less dumb than before
    - Zombies spawn up till Hellfire without a problem
    - Finale is amazing
    - The feel until hellfire was great


    - Buggy since Hellfire as hell, I got outside map at least twice. 
    - No zombies at Hellfire, all of them die in fire, even at moments where you expect huge hordes you can't see any.
    - Both Decissions Decissions maps (not finale) were lacking zombies, but the worst was elevator on 2nd DD map - practically no zombies, plus you could stop the elevator by being on edge.
    - Some textures, by that I mean DD 2nd map first save room, had "ghost" issue - you could simply walk through it. I mean that incubator
    - Laggy even on single player
    - Sometimes floating weapons - especially weird I found chainsaw on hellfire which was floating in air... for no obvious reason...


    Yes, it is outbreak and it's great maps, but no it's not working correct - the fun stops at hellfire immidiatelly when you realise your task isn't to survive but to pick up stuff to open doors where u find stuff for other stuff and so on. Same with Decissions Decissions. 

    This review was posted before the latest release.

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    Ellis Skyrim fan

    A mod requested by me to K1chwa, he said he made it for me and I can do whatever I want with it as far as I credit him so yeah that's what I did. Screenshots also taken by him.


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