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    * Incredible attention to detail.
    * Good lighting and atmosphere.
    * No distance fog at all, increased realism.
    * Almost everything is interactive.
    * Several fully functional rides.
    * Great overall gameplay.
    * Super innovative finale.
    * Flawless survivor dialogue and monologue.


    / Not very challenging.
    / Poor optimization in most maps (check conclusion).


    This is hands down one of the most completely and absolutely greatest L4D2 custom campaigns I've ever played - and somehow, I managed ignore it for so long before trying it out. I played it from start to end on Advanced with a friend, and we had a blast.
    The only real problem with it was that the optimization seemed somewhat sluggish; I was getting 80 - 110 FPS on average out of my usual 140 - 300, at one point even dropping to 45. It was even worse for my friend who reached as low as to 5 FPS, out of his usual 20 - 40.But besides that, I have absolutely nothing to really complain about. This is definitely a must-try for anyone who hasn't played it yet. 

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