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    -high-poly model
    -glows in the dark
    -FP arms
    -icons (lobby, in-game, incap)


    -textures are kind of flat [i.e. skin and clothes are just shiny and blank, not much detail on their surface]. It's a minor thing, and you'd probably only notice if you're picky (-0.5)
    -no custom voice (no points deducted. Though one day I would love to see someone translate all the survivor lines into Japanese and dub them with Vocaloid)


    I've been waiting for XenoAisam's Miku Append to get ported to L4D2, and it's here! Great mod, no negatives that are worth passing this up. If you're a Miku fan, get it. Like, now.

Published Items

  • Mod
    Beretta 93R - pistol slot

    *requested by kokekola* Doktor haus' magnificent Beretta 93R, now replacing the SCAR and going in the pistol slot. This means you can have a 3-round-burst firing, infinite ammo Raffica as a sidearm. This .vpk includes a script, so it's s...

  • Mod
    Zoey - Keep Calm and Kyary On

    Retexture for Teen Angst ponytail Zoey; now she is a fan of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and tries to dress like Harajuku style. -white/blue raglan tee; custom 'KEEP CALM AND KYARY ON' print -dark purple leggings with teal stars -pink holster -bri...

  • Mod
    Black SCAR-L w/ EOtech, AN/PEQ, and silencer

    This is a retexture of my retexture for Doktor haus' SCAR-L+silencer+EOTech+AN/PEQ compilation. Same model and sounds as before, but now in black, as per a few requests. End of Days - model Racer445 - textures b0t - UVs Milo - UV edits...

  • Mod
    Blue SCAR-L w/ EOTech, AN/PEQ and silencer

    This is a retexture of Doktor haus' SCAR-L+silencer+EOTech+AN/PEQ compilation. I got the idea from some anime picture of a girl holding a similarly-configured, blue-colored SCAR (see screenshots), and so I decided for my first retexture ...

  • Mod
    Turquoise Franchi SPAS-12

    Once again, I have utilized my favorite color in a reskin, this time on Doktor haus' SPAS-12 compilation, giving it a new model, animations, and sounds. For this retexture I colored the body turquoise, and changed the brass-colored parts...

  • Mod
    Teal AK-47 on HyperMetal's anims

    This is a retexture of Doktor haus' AK-47-on-HyperMetal's-anims compilation. I picked this mod in particular to reskin because I think the animations, particularly the reload, are fantastic, and I don't think I've seen any reskins of it....


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