Tan/Black SCAR-L w/ EOTech & AN/PEQ (no foregrip)

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  • Spac3tr33

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    -Powerful sounds
    -No foregrip
    -No scope
    -High-definition textures
    -No HUD icon, therefore no mod conflicts
    -Flashlight on top of weapon, interesting


    -Stock too long, clips through survivor's shoulders in world-view
    -Blot goes past the end of the groove when firing, though not when reloading
    -Reload animation is a bit glitchy, hands often in slightly different locations, clipping through gun/magazine


    At first, the glitchy reload kind of turned me off, but when I got into it, the subtle difference in hand position actually makes this gun feel like it's being used by a human. This mod has made the SCAR my new favorite weapon.

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