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    A story!
    Reasonable story at that, with logic to each step along the way
    Its very own one-off Man On The Edge (each day gets closer to losing his head)
    Some nice touches with the suicides
    Huge area not just a tube
    A witch in a dark maze of twisty little passages, all different, part of my suggestion for how to make a scary campaign!
    A visible helicopter arrival and highlighted access route
    Resupply just when I was starting to worry about it
    Long without repetition or grind


    Glowing golden desert with incandescent milk river in the bottom of the canyon
    Bullet-proof air, particularly in the open-sided jeep
    Ladder to helicopter is partially underground and the glow shows it
    One place where I felt like I could be there an hour waiting for a moment to climb out of the hole, which I could have chanced with human team-mates but not with bots
    Lost all three bot team-mates because the one place I didn't expect the pick-up was the helipad that already had a burning heli on it, we were at the supply room and they stayed there to fight rather than running with me when I saw where the heli went.


    Beautifully done. Highly recommended. Just be sure to leave the supply room and head for the helipad before you kill the second tank in the finale.

Published Items

  • Mod
    Sableagle's gun mods, no shotguns

    This is my gun mod set (higher-powered version), file 20068, without the shotguns or silenced SMG so you can plug in other mods for them. Individual tight buckshot and slug mods for each of the four are linked below, along with 9mm and ....

  • Mod
    Infinite grenades

    Defibrillators and spam. Sounds good. I'll have that. Defibrillators are single-use. This is my ten-slot mod with infinite molotov, pipe bomb, bile jar and grenade launcher ammunition. You've still got to find and pick up one of each, b...

  • Mod
    Default SMGs for sportsp15
    Beta N/A

    This ought to fix that bug. This is jus tthe three SMG scripts lifted out of the game files and turned into a .vpk to force things straight. Start a game with this active when you first start L4D2 and it ought to stick for the rest of th...

  • Mod
    SG552 replaces SCAR-L

    Get the German version of the game's M16-like SG552 in place of the SCAR-L 'desert rifle.' It doesn't zoom, unfortunately, because the game still thinks you're using the SCAR-L and *that* doesn't zoom.

  • Mod
    Buffed MP5 replaces M10

    My version of the MP5 9mm smg (225mm barrel), which actually hits harder than the P220 9mm pistol (112mm barrel) as well as having real-world magazine size and rate of fire, replaces the Ingram M10 silenced SMG.

  • Mod
    Incendiary Frying Pan

    The Witch used to run a little roadside snack business. She's crying because most of her customers are dead or infected and she's lost her favourite magic frying pan. How's she supposed to cook without this? It's not like she can use mat...

  • Mod
    10 slots, 2 guns, infinite ammo

    As requested by ferretsshadow: the ten-slot mod with the guns spread out a little. Shotguns and the hunting rifle now take the same slot as the pistols and melee weapons, so you can choose your weapon mix a little more freely. As they al...

  • Mod
    10 slots, 2 guns

    As requested by ferretsshadow: the ten-slot mod with the 'heavy-hitters' moved to the pistol slot, so you can have choose a melee weapon, the infinite-reloads pistols or a shotgun as your backup. Shotgun ammo can't be refilled from piles...

  • Mod
    M60 infinite ammo

    Infinite reloads for the M60 belt-fed machine-gun. Please note that it still discards when empty, so you have to manually reload it. I couldn't find the default M60 script, so the damage characteristics are the same as for the default ...

  • Mod
    Infinite ammo

    v1.2: all guns as normal except for infinite ammo, including the grenade launcher but not the M60, and all 8 survivors' arms should now show properly.

  • Mod
    Silenced MAC10 9mm

    The silenced SMG as the Ingram M10 in 9mm, with 32-round magazine as optional add-on to go with reduced weapon set (see link). 32 x 35 = 1120 damage per magazine. It gets inaccurate fast, but at short enough range it'll drop a Charger or...

  • Mod
    Sableagle's gun mods

    Most weapons are changed to reflect their real-world selves. I included the hunting rifle's madly high-powered mod that nobody seems to like using however handy it is, and a more moderate version of that as the AWP. Assault rifle magazin...


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