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  • My campaign lives on, online...

    This is my campaign, I made it along with a couple of clan mates back in the day for our good friend Elmo but please don't think this is me kicking off for someone else uploading the thing because it isn't but I'll do a little bit of explaining, hopefully it will clear some stuff up....
    Elmo is an amazing individual. He has been deployed to many parts of the world doing his duty keeping us all safe and sound and during his Afghanistan deployment we lit a (digital) candle and burned it for one whole year until he returned to us safe and sound. 
    One other thing we did was create this campaign.
    Elmo getting the fright of his life and his reaction to this was what made the enemies appear right in front of you or right behind you as they do, it was done on purpose to make him jump - see, we played this campaign together. It was never meant to be played in single player, it was meant for myself, Elmo, Eddie and Josh (and some others) to play it together laughing along as we played it - and laugh we did.
    I'll be honest, this was my first campaign and I ran out of time so I rushed some parts of it (real life does take up so much time) but Elmo loved it so that for me at least is perfect.
    There's some things that you might be surprised to know, namely that there are some secret walls that you can shoot that have weaponry and health hiding behind them - along with some other little surprises :D
    We played the campaign many times and we were literally crying with laughter much of the time, just over Elmo's reaction to stuff.
    I'm pleased that it has been saved and re-uploaded onto here but just for any new players - this was never meant to be a worldwide public release. I uploaded it so that our clan mates all had a convenient place to get it from so that we could all game together. 
    On it's original release it surprised me that so many people downloaded it (even though it did say in it's description that it had issues and was not going to be fun for everyone to play - it can be very frustrating) and it caused no end of laughter to see some of the angry reviews of it :D
    I see videos of it on other sites being played by people and they all seem to be having a laugh so happy days.
    There is a sequel, imaginatively titled 'MARS BASE BRAVO'
    I started it in 2011 and due to a family tragedy I stopped working on it in 2012 and then I didn't touch it until 2018 but since then I have been tinkering on it here and there and it is now at the point where it is almost finished, if I thought there was an interest in it I might release it...keep watching the site...
    Here's some things that it has - 
    Completely customised textures throughout
    Fully customised character skins
    Fully customised weapon skins and damage controls (with a new 'super weapon' that does unbelievable damage)
    All the special zombies were customised and replaced with new monsters
    All of the zombies replaced with the aliens from the movie 'aliens' and 'starship troopers'
    Counter strike weapons and new melee weapons in every level
    Flamethrower added to all levels
    Key combination protected rooms that held secrets...
    4th wall breaking QR code inclusion which requires you to own a mobile phone with QR reader on it to complete the campaign...
    Multiple routes throughout the campaign meaning multiple playthrough's required to see all of the maps
    Custom sounds and music added
    Custom HUD
    My favourite features from other maps and campaigns such as the 'lets build' mechanic (customised to fit this campaign) and other stuff...
    There is more but I won't go on, there's no doubt I'm boring you now
    All of the stuff made by others is credited to them in the credits of the game and also in text files within the VPK
    Anyway, I've gone on long enough, I'll end by saying long live the amazing L4D community of mappers and modders

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