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  • EshmawyMan

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    Thank you, but it really got some annoying bugs.

    Finished it in 5 hours, 14 min & 24 Restarts On Expert Single Player Mode.
    I do thank you for such work. It’s unique and enjoyable. However, I encountered a number of bugs that screwed my game experience. It was quite unlucky for me on certain chapters and the worst issue was on finale as I restarted that chapters 18 times I love how to move randomly, not knowing where to go till you find the chapter end, which mostly will be the safe room, not a long a$$ chapter that ends with finale area, where I will fight 2 waves of zombies along with 2 tanks that may cause the team death and we restart that chapter all over again. Moreover, you can get to the finale spot and still can’t get it finished because one won’t even be able to start the finale after pressing the radio to call for help. This is really annoying and I restarted that chapter multiple times for such reason. What a waste. 
    I can say that we went through like 2 finales along the way to the final area where we fight the actual finale and that was because many zombie waves were showing up, whether there was a reason or not. The message of “Here they come” or “Smoker has alerted the horde” would show up a lot and even tanks would spawn for no reason to fight them alone with hordes, but yes, supplies were scattered well. Still, not in all areas besides the fact one can get lost and eventually die, trying to find the way. 
    Reading all reviews given for your campaign from different players, like I always do with all custom campaigns I tried and before leaving my own review, I realized that your campaign got alternative routes (Thanks to Kurochama), which means two different safe rooms as each is leading to different chapters and different routes from each other. So I had to start your campaign over to go for the second safe room on chapter 1 and try the chapters that safe room lead to and found some connections between “Base Metro System” and “Arrival On Mars”, which was really cute and consistent as if there were more chapters to be added to this campaign and places to discover, but you skipped them and found it was enough to have this number of chapters along the whole campaign. 
    Trying these chapters on alternative route led by the second safe room, I found it was a little bit harder for me, but I can manage. The 4th alternative chapter which is called “Black-Ops” was restarted twice and one of these tries was due to the fact I got trapped behind the wall that needs to be activated from outside in order to be opened and it has no buttons outside. So I had to kill myself and bots with a command to restart, which really pissed me off, especially when I realized I was so close to the safe room. The total restarts are 7 restarts from ch1 to ch4 for alternative routes.
    The overall review which is only 2 stars was made mainly because of the finale as I restarted it 18 times and it was super annoying for me. Still, I do appreciate your work and I just hope we could have other Mars versions of different stories. I can see the author’s long comment declaring that there is another map, but it hasn’t been released yet. I don’t think it will be soon or at all, but I am going to message the author. Hopefully, I have any access to that map to try and record my game play :) 
    Here is the link to my YouTube playlist that includes the 9 videos of your campaign, playing it on Expert Single Player Mode and it was the first experience:
    Just copy the link, remove (\) Between letters of h\t\t\ps, w\w\w & c\o\m, then press Enter

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