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    First four maps are nicely designed and just about right challenge wise
    Avoids the unbelievably boring going round in a circle map design so many others have decided upon


    No ammo in safe rooms, and there's not always one variety of rifle, sniper and shotgun to make up for it
    No tier 1 weapons at the start of the first map (always a bad sign, the exception is The Passing, where they're in the first room after the intro)
    All begins to go downhill on map 5 - goes from being challenging on expert to downright ridiculous - an event and then a gauntlet at the end with no kits or even a reasonable amount of pills/adrenaline makes it all but impossible
    Finale is even worse - SI continuously spawn before you activate it, there is absolutely nowhere even remotely safe, and then the classic - 2 tanks on the second wave - just how do you expect people to be able to evade 2 tanks at the same time when there's water slowing you down everywhere?  Oh, and there's uncommon infected during the finale as well, just to put the icing on the cake


    The first four maps are great, slightly derivative in places but perfectly fine considering the game's limitations.  After that, the difficulty level just goes off the scale.  And it's not just on expert - the finale is difficult enough on normal when you're playing on your own.  Ruins what would be one of the best custom campaigns, alongside Suicide Blitz and Death Aboard.

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