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2 evil eyes l4d2

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    Great design
    Gameplay is fantastic
    Lots of surprise events
    Supplies at the end of hard events
    You can activate the boat without bots having to jump on it.
    Finale is fun.


    Huge hordes would spawn inside saferooms during "run to the saferoom" events.
    Constant heavy rain in Map 5. As soon as one storm ends, another begins.


    Fun and hard campaign. Unlike many other campaigns, this one doesn't fudge the difficulty by dragging on maps forever while being stingy with supplies. Its difficulty is in the events, many of which catch you off guard and with no corner to back into. It made me so happy at the boat event when it looked like the bots wouldn't get inside that activating it forces them in. It's unfortunate how common it is to find campaigns where the author has not bothered to check whether or not the bots will function, especially in unique events like that. Thank you to the author for giving a shit about single players.

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Version 2.0 Final

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