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  • Pros:

    *Good design.
    *Easy to find your way around.
    *Some areas well detailed.
    *Quite liked the design of map 2.
    *Ride in map 2 was a nice touch.
    *Several different environments.
    *Custom textures.


    *Some early areas lacked detail.
    *The concept of this map could be better explained by used of custom graffiti or decals.
    *Bots couldn't climb ladders in house in map 1.
    *Had to wait far too long in the room with the paintings and raising ceiling in map 2, before panic event started and we were let out.
    *A lot of failed sound console warnings.
    *The book button issue.
    *Invisible walls in some areas of map 4.
    *Panic events in map 4 seemed to happen on their own for no reason.
    *Bots wouldn't pick up the health kit in the toilet in the saferoom between maps 4 and 5.


    Overall an ok map with only a few issues to be addressed. This campaign though does seem very confused though. If you want to get through a concept for this map, try using custom graffiti to explain it.

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  • L4D Custom Campaign: The Grave Outdoors - Bridge Survival Map

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