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You'll probably see a lot of Star Wars and Doctor Who stuff from me. Maybe some Mass Effect too. But, L4D maps has more than enough Mass Effect, I think.

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    It's pretty clear to see that a decent amount of effort went into this mod, kudos for that. The textures are pretty good, and the effort has paid off.


    I won't actually be using this mod myself. I just think the other review is so unfair and unhelpful that I needed to balance this out.


    Not a bad mod at all, I can appreciate the effort that went into it, and despite what the other reviewer said, I see an audience for this.

Published Items

  • Mod
    Imperial Survivors

    This is all my Imperial mods rolled into one pack. They change the names. If you don't want the name changes then download my mods individually. Darth Vader now has a robe!

  • Mod
    Darth Vader

    This mod will make Darth Vader replace Coach as a survivor. Sorry there's no cape. It would be impossible for me to include it and for this to still look right.

  • Mod
    Cyberman replaces Francis

    Some of you may remember me uploading this before, back when I first began modding. I couldn't get it to work back then because it wouldn't animate, it caused Louis to not animate, and it was untextured. However, now, I have managed to ...

  • Mod
    501st Clone Trooper Coach

    I've been having a nightmare uploading this to Steam Workshop, so I'm just gonna upload it here. It's part 1/4 of Republic Survivors. No first person arms just yet, but they are coming. Enjoy.

  • Mod
    Imperial Dalek Francis
    Beta N/A

    Uploading it here too because it's nicer than Steam Workshop. This is the first time I've ever actually made the model myself. I kind of like how it turned out. This is kind of a beta and I'll be releasing updates as the model improves...

  • Mod
    Louis Dalek Drone

    So, L4D2 has Steam Workshop so I've just been uploading a bunch of my mods there, and it kind of got me inspired to start modding again. So, I came up with this. It was requested by someone on the comments for Francis Cyberman, so this ...

  • Mod
    General Christmas

    There's nothing like festive fun with General Grievous! This is literally identical to my General Grievous Louis mod, but with a Christmas hat and Christmas icons. I've had a long break from modding but I think I'm getting back into th...

  • Mod
    CI Battle Droid

    I was going to wait until I'd finished my Republic Survivor pack before I released this but whatever, I'm releasing it now. Once you know how, modding the CI isn't that hard: it's just extremely tedious. I will add sounds if someone ca...

  • Mod
    General Grievous Louis Edition

    I wanted to test out a theory so instead of making a whole new model and testing it like that, I decided to just simply reuse one I've already made. This is pretty much identical to the Nick Grievous in every way, except it's on Louis. ...

  • Mod
    General Grievous Nick

    This is General Grievous to go over Nick in L4D2. I absolutely love General Grievous. I was going to go the whole hog and do voice replacement, but then I remembered how long that'd take. So, I thought I might just do the dialogue wheel...

  • Mod
    Scout Ellis

    This will replace Ellis with the Imperial Scout from Star Wars. Part of the Imperial pack. There are first person arms. I forgot to screenshot.

  • Mod
    Darktrooper (Stormtrooper) Nick

    I noticed there's a complete lack of Star Wars stuff on L4D Maps. Time to remedy that. We may or may not see an Ewok Jockey in the future... Also, I hope someone can help me: I want to extract some models from Star Wars the Old Republi...


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