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  • Rookie2171

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    It's f**ing general grievous from star war III!
    FPS arms!
    Detailed model!
    HUI Icon in lobby and in game!
    Thirdperson view looks great!


    Although it is a good model, his arms sometime overlap with the gun that he is reloading sometimes. (Pistol for example)
    His lobby icon and in game icon looks exactly the same. (Maybe you could try to change the background in the lobby from grey to green?)
    His in game icon isn't very HD xD
    No incapped picture for him *sad face* (If he does, I'll be putting this addon in)
    Doesn't have custom name (But I could change that)


    This is a fast review so I might make some mistake in the pros and cons section as I only took 5-10mins to play L4D2 as I haven't had much time!
    Overall, I will give it a................ *See score*
    If you're a star wars fan..... A must to download! :)
    And lastly thank you for the skin! Much appreciated! :)

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