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  • Pros:

    -Very well made system for building
    -Everything appears to at least work
    -Intense action


    -Sometimes when hiring a survivor on Sandbox defense
    the tower they are in will tip over
    -Not enough to build on Base defense
    -No infinite resources button on Sandbox Survival, which
    calling it sandbox survival made me assume it would at
    least have an infinite resource button
    -Too many tanks


    This is a good pack with the best defense and barricade system I have seen yet, but it's still missing some things and as said it's not finished so I can't really determine if base defense is lacking things on purpose. For example there seem to be a few places that mounted turrets could fit but just aren't there. And to add on to that it's not very easy to barricade either. It's a fun mode to play for a while.

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