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Noesis Interactive is the premier developer of training materials for game modders and indie-developers, multi-disciplinary artists within fields such as: game design, programming, 3D and 2D art, machinima, UI design and web development.

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    - Interesting level design changes that force you to travel new routes
    -Structural damage has been added to a lot of  the environment. (Watch out for the new three story fall!) 
    -Extended Map 1. That isn't the first safe room you remember and you can tell because the door is off its hinges!
    -Since the maps have changed from the L4D1 version it feels like a second journey through Fort Noesis with a new cast of both survivors and enemies.
    -Watch out for the Charger in the Rooftop Finale!




    Thanks to Ryan for doing a great job of updating "Fort Noesis" to L4D2. It retains the overall feel of Fort Noesis for L4D1 but also includes some cool changes that make it interesting to play through again. Nice job RyOK, keep up the good work!

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  • 3 Maps
    Fort Noesis

    'Fort Noesis' is a highly polished 3 map campaign for Valve's hit video game, Left 4 Dead. Featuring both Cooperative and Versus game modes. 'Fort Noesis' is currently released as an open beta.


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