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    +   Map has daylight sections
    +/- Huge emphasis on survival horror
    +   It is possible to beat the map


    -Ridiculously hard because of the map layout and confusing escape sequences(Played on Advanced with a friend and two AI teammates) 
    -Aside from a couple of arrows on the walls, there is no clear sense of direction especially during the mad dashes to the saferooms and helicopter.
    -Survival horror elements in the map are a hit-or-miss for a fast-paced game like L4D. Explosives and Tier 2 weapons are few and far between( on Advanced anyway.)
    - Most times survival is based NOT on quick reaction time and teamwork but rather previous experience with the map (Dying repeatedly to become familiar with the special infected spawn and safehouse locations)


    It's a challenging map, not all for the right reasons though. It's beatable but you might find yourself more frustrated rather than satisfied by the end of it. 

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