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Fort Noesis

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  • Megadude

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    About the same time length as the official maps.
    A lot has been fit into just 3 maps.
    Some good side room places to explore. Bit of a risk with some of them being far from the normal route through the map.
    Good amount of vertical gameplay makes for a more interesting campaign.
    Lighting seemed ok to me.
    Finale being up high means lots of tank-flying fun.


    Texturing was sloppy in some places - i.e. one brush making up walls in adjoining rooms meant that what was the right texture in one room ended up being in the next room, looking quite room, (some of the offices in map 2 spring to mind).
    Some weird shading on textures when your flashlight hit them - i.e. the road at the very beginning of the campaign.
    The tank sometimes climbed on top of barriers and got stuck between the barrier and the ceiling. Nav file needs adjusting for this.
    Unrealistic placement of props - there were a lot, (and by that a mean a HUGE amount), of the big crate props in what I think was a multi-story car park. You would never see one, let along a lot, in a car park. Replace them with vehicles or extra columns instead.
    The 2nd map seemed too long to me. Perhaps think of splitting it into 2 maps.
    Some of the offices in the 2nd map were quite far from the escape route, but there was nothing in them to reward players who went there looking for stuff. Add some more pipe bombs, molotovs or first aid kits there.
    The constant panic events in map 2 were a bit annoying, especiialy since nothing had been done to start the events after the first one.
    Need a couple of ammo places in 2nd map. All those panic events meant that ammo ran out quite quickly.
    Only allowing 1 T2 weapong to be picked up when they were found goes against L4D standards, so most people playing that would find this confusing or annoying. Switch to either having the weapons like they do in L4D or have more than 1 of the same weapon at one spot, setup just like you have in this map.
    Too many hunting rifles and not enough auto shotguns. You need to balance out the amounts of the different weapon types.
    In the finale, the radio was very difficult to find, as there was no clear indication on where to find it.
    Helipad area was too wasy to defend in the finale. You need to add more ways for the infected to climb up there so people can't defend everywhere at once, or you need to make it more central so infected can spawn all the way around you.
    Too many arrows in some places to show you where to go. Try indicating where to go through open or broken down doors or have more lighting in key areas to show where to go and less lighting in side routes.


    An OK campaign for a beta. Needs a bit of polishing up and a bit of reworking in some parts to make better.

    This review was posted before the latest release.

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