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  • Pros:

    -Beautifully crafted weapon
    -Textures are delicious
    -Static belt ejection now comes with static case ejection animations! Static animations are totally fine with me btw.


    -Belt feeding could have been better
    -Bullet cases are suppose to eject higher than the belt. See this video: youtu . be/523J0F_0hkg?t=2m45s


    Well, I can tell you used Valve's "belt feeding animation." I don't like it since the belt doesn't entirely feed into the weapon. Then again, nothing is perfect. However, you got the belt/casing ejection animation wrong. The belt is suppose to eject downwards while the casing ejects slightly upward and then falls like an arc. And yes, I tried out your mod, but I didn't use the audio that came with this mod. :3 Either ways, keep up the good work, Funreal. ^^

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