Hey there, I'm Starshadow76 Just call me Star, that's what my friends call me! And I'm a member of a group called The Not So Survivors! Yeah, me! If you don't know the group click my website link to go to it, were an awesome team that loves Left 4 Dead!

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    Extremely creative, very well developed for such a small file size. Great end to the series. Final boss blew us away. 


    Possibly your most difficult map to date! But still very beatable. Play it on advanced.


    A very creative campaign, that takes a team, to go through. The bosses were really fun to see, I'm a huge fan of custom l4d(2) bosses, and this map is sure to pleasure. Play it until you beat it, cause the final boss is well worth it.
    Watch my teams playthrough of it for a full on review.

    This review was posted before the latest release.

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