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    -Very creative and unique approach
    -T2's are almost a requirement, whereas most maps they just make them easy and boring. So the difficulty is a huge plus in my book


    -Bland design
    -Couldn't finish the map?


    On an earlier playthrough with just 2 people we died (and hadn't found a certain secret) so we just had too much trouble. Recently we did it with three and discovered the secret so we made it through the map with some semblance of ease. Lots of horde and lots of tanks. The AK's just shred everything so that's not really the map makers fault no marks there. But after completing all of the puzzles we could not put all of the pieces onto the thing in the center. We searched extensively for 20+ minutes to make sure we hadn't missed anything else we simply could not place the fourth puzzle piece onto the monolith. Is this by design? If so please notate somewhere that it requires four players to complete! Otherwise I suppose we experienced an obscure bug that disallowed us to place the final piece so I'm not sure what to make of that, so I'm scoring this on what I did play of the map, and marking off slightly for the puzzle piece issue. If it is a requirement to have four players, and you explicitly state that in the description then I will revise my review. I do recommend this to anyone looking for a "different" way to play L4D2 with your friends, but I urge you to bring four people either way as the bots are incredulously worthless either way.

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