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  • Pros:

    -Goes on when i die
    -Saves me when i get cornered by a tank by going near it
    -helps me earlier when i get grabbed by a smoker
    -saves me in a nearby closet all the time


    -Never seen them hold melee before but uses it
    -never seen them rescue me in a closet all the time
    -never ever seen them save me from a tank
    when i play a custom campaign they dont rescue me in a closet they go off and run around in circles


    Really literally this is the best mod all of you should get i mean really its awesome 
    im rating this 10/10 i mean like truely this is a good mod i had ever gotten yet thru L4D2
    im just glad i didnt had to go thru the old bots that dont hold melee or save me earlier.
    why wont you make another one but this time they can hold pipe bomb boomer bile and molotov 
    and go in the helicopter when they see it but if your left behind they come out to save you i mean like really that will be awesome having to have them hold pipe bomb boomer bile and molotov thanks for the hard work you putted in i love it

    This review was posted before the latest release.

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