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  • Pros:

    + Superb Amount of Health Kits and Supplies
    + L4D1 characters
    + Laser sights available
    + Custom Melee Weapons( love that ZB leg)


    - Bots took too long to help incapaciated ally
    - Bots are stupid at times, getting stuck
    - Lots of Splitters and Chargers more than other special infected. 
    - Troublesome Finale


    Not a bad map actually but finale wise the part where you need to get the fuel canister is too far apart from each other. Other than that I got no problem at all, its worth to go for it, be it advanced or Expert mode I highly recommend but it is still best to play with your friends instead of bots :)
    • Funny, as I don't control AI spawning.. maybe you were unlucky with the director.
      As for the canisters being too far apart.. I have to disagree.. they are in the same room and felt if anything too close together :)

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