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Redemption II

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  • EricChang

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    Really outstanding campaign with many custom weapons and NPCs.^^

    This is also one of my favorite campaign.^^ After the train stopped at the broken bridge, survivors must get through the military laboratory, and find the way to turn the train tracks and get on the train. This campaign is not only very fun and interesting, but also has a lot of custom weapons and NPCs in the each chapters. Such as players can find Dr. Morloc, also as the author of this campaign, in the starting safe house of chapter 2. And in chapter 4 and finale, there are NPCs to tell players to shut the door to prevent the zombies to get in, and tell players the methods about how to get on the train.^^ In addition, player can also find the broken arms and legs, and broken rubble and steel as the melee weapons.XD I must say this is one of the perfect custom campaign of Left 4 Dead 2.^^ Nice work!XD

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