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  • I can feel the city when it was alive

    I highly recommend this campaign if you love exploration.
    I finished this in VR and it was phenomenal.
    Every single corner that can be explored, there will be items if you choose to explore. It never felt big for the sake of big. Every place has it story.
    The finale is kinda a chore to play alone though... Or I just didn't notice if I placed the required bombs yet and placed ALMOST all of them (feel like there's two yellow spot I haven't place but I can already press button)
    This is because I can't see instructor well in VR.
    Reading others review that seem to be the case, I overplaced the bombs.
    I also run IRL (100% immersion) to run in game so it's really tiring but god damn this map is fun.
    It's filled with ADRENALINE PUMPING moments when it need to and it can chill when it need to (I won't spoil it but I kinda regret turning on running IRL mode because you really need to RUNNNN in some events)
    Better than most highly rated map out there that's filled to brim with infinite hordes. (Technically the finale is infinite hordes for this map but you also have ammo piles and really big wide space)
    Map has great balance so you won't ever get frustrated in this map.
    I can't wait to continue playing Pesaro 3 and 4!
    I'm so glad I got to experience this in VR.

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