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  • Mod
    Decayed Jockey

    100% custom Jockey Be sure to check out authorityfx com/l4d2-jockey-mod/ for the complete making of, and even a video of the jockey going from valves model, all the way into the game. I felt since this guy is so twitchy, he'd probably ...

  • Mod
    Shredded Tank (L4D2)

    I felt the Tank was a little too clean for the size that he is. I wanted the Tank to look as if he grew to big for his own skin and it started to rip all over his body showing the muscles underneath. I felt in order to give the Tank that...

  • Mod
    Hoodless Hunter V1.1

    This is a full custom Hunter, no reskinning here! Everything was done by scratch in my spare time over the course of 2 weeks. All textures and normals were created at 8k. The Hunter actually has fewer polygons than Valves original, but o...


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