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  • Pros:

    + The game runs and did not once crash for me.
    + Playable on lower difficulty's.
    + Textured and a somewhat decent bot nav.
    + I guess I could count that it has proper lighting to an extent.


    I am not even sure where to start, this just has so many problems.
    - No dialogue between the survivors.
    - In map 1 as you start the ambiance is sewer ambiance while walking above the ground in a train yard? What?
    - Just plain, empty houses. 
    - Extreme lack of Molly, pipes, and bile. And by lack of I mean none at all.
    - Almost no pills and Adren even though you give us 2x the amount of health packs at times. 
    - The endless hordes that continue to keep going in maps 1, 2, and 3 even when you hit the button to call them off.
    - Wireframes.
    - The huge amounts of unnecessary mazes that seem like they are only put there to make your map look bigger.
    - The chopper in map 3 that is pretty much frozen in flight mode till it magically just starts up and then leaves? What is the point with that chopper?
    - Vast landscapes that have nothing and serve no purpose opposed to, once again, make your map seem longer. It's just repetitive. 
    - Specials got stuck often.
    - The red and blue trucks in map 2 or 3, I forget which, that also have red and blue tires.
    - Lack of melee weapons after the 1 katana in map 1.
    - This random as can be bright light in the sewers that is 8x the brightness of all the other ones, this was my favorite.
    - The ending was dull, boring, and confusing. 
    - The ladder to leave for the chopper just moved on its own, slowly. It looks ridiculous. 
    - The way up the ladder is confusing. Not only do Tanks and hordes spawn on the way up the ladder, but you have a completely useless path in front of the ladder making people think that is the way to go when really you need to turn around to the other side. Atleast give a prompt to point people in the correct direction.
    - Saferooms are just wrong and hints that would only prompt when at an end saferoom prompts themselves at the beginning.
    - No tier 1's on map 1 or 2 but you gave them to us on map 3?
    - The buttons for the gauntlets are just... so weirdly placed that it makes no sense as to why they would be there in the first place. Maps need to make some sense in there surroundings.


    All in all... No. Just no. 
    This campaign has to many problems that cancel out the pro's. You state that this is the final version but it looks to be an early Alpha at best. It needs a serious revamp if its to get a bump in ratings on this site. You honestly just need to take it down and work on it till its better. Think about adding in more props or things to do in maps 1 and 2. The maze thing that makes your campaign seem abit longer is boring, not special, and definitely not unique. Put props in your houses so they are not plain old empty dark rooms. 
     I don't like having to bash peoples work and like the guy before me said, if it was still in beta I would give this some serious le-way. But its not, so it does not get any simpathy from me. =L Please rethink this campaign out because it does have some potential. 
    Edit: I am going to update this and give it a slightly better score due to L4DTeak making a good case, and you added an intro. But the author really should give this another look, despite not maping anymore.

    This review was posted before the latest release.

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