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  • Pros:

    Map 3
    +beautiful indoor lab design, very detail in those rooms
    +cool ending cutsence
    +Custom sound
    Map 4
    +Silent Hill style texture
    +Silent Hill 3!!!(&4?)
    +Half Life 2 map design(Nova Prospekt?)
    +Trap & puzzle! XD
    Map 5
    +Airscrew from HL2!
    +enough supply
    +challenging, but not unbeatable
    +In most of the maps players really need to pay attention to search for roads


    Map 1
    -too many horde events and SI(especially the horde event before the bridge, that really don't make any sense), that really lower the interest for player to explore tha map
    -tier 2 weapon in Map 1, but considering the annoying horde events and SI, that can be understood
    Map 2
    -still plenty of horde events, which are still annoying
    Map 3
    -horde events are still annoying
    -the way to destory the power cable seems to be too complicated
    -the ground floor of the lab seems a little bit empty
    Map 4
    -AI had difficulty for climbing down the ladders, but as far as they are not
    harmed, it should be okay
    -Supply seems to little in the part of alarm puzzle


    Explain a little bit more about the horde events...
    Except the fixed horde events mentioned in Map 1, all the horde events in the cons refers to the ramdon horde events. I mean, the frequency of ramdon horde events in this mod is too high, worse, most of the maps need players to search for roads carefully, that really makes the frequent ramdon horde events become extremely annoying.
    Overall I enjoy this campaign, it forces player to search for road carefully, the dark environment really makes a good atmosphere and make the campaign more challenging, bots' performance are not bad, no major bugs, enough supply, elements from HL2 and Sillent Hill, these factors make this campaign a nice one. It will be better if the frequency of random horde events can be lowered.

    This review was posted before the latest release.

    • What are you talking about? There are not any changes in frequency of random hordes in this campaign. It's all by default. 
       And what's the problem to have tier 2 weaps in the first map? Should every custom campaign copy original campaigns?

      This comment was posted before the latest release.

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