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  • Pros:

    Good length
    Custom voice acting
    Runs smoothly, no  major bugs
    Complex finale


    The main con for me is the same looking locations
    Lots of empty rooms
    Too many directional signs (I'm ok with them, but not if I see them on every wall)
    Sometimes you can notice copy/paste stuff here and there
    Custom music doesn't really fit the game


    It's nice at the beginning, but then quickly gets repetitive and boring because of the same looking environments all the way. Just finished it, but I barely can remember anything other than tonnels, cars, hangars and industrial shelvings. A lot of hangars. A LOT of industrial shelvings. The finale was fine. I like how you combined it, although it was too easy to survive.
    Obviously you did hard work, but I think the design could be more interesting for an ambitious project like this. Seven years have passed since L4D has been launched and I think we've seen a lot of custom campaigns with cars, hangars and tonnels (along with very creative and interesting ones). And I hope I wouldn't sound too demanding if I say that I expect something more creative from l4d map makers today. All in all good job, but it's too ordinary for me.

    This review was posted before the latest release.

Published Items

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    Dark Wood (Extended)

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 05.11.2022 Update v1.8: - Added/redesigned lighting on all maps - Redesigned several areas with new geometry and/or new textures - Sewer hallways ex...

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    Loony Park

    Update 1.01 Added custom weapons: Chainsaw (Painkiller), Morgenstern, Shadow Hand, Chalice (secret weapon). See change log for more info. This is a recreation of Loony Park level from Painkiller: BooH. It's a single map - a part of futu...

  • 3 Maps
    Dark Wood (Closed)
    Beta 8.6

    First map of campain brings you to the wild nature of unknown european country. Try to find a way out of that dark creepy forest full of horrible zombies. Hope you enjoy it. Please report any bugs you find.


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