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    Jukebox Songs

    Replaces the songs on the jukebox with new ones, all of the replaced songs are labeled on the jukebox. Hell March - Frank Kelpacki Diamond Eyes - Shinedown Welcome to the Family - Avenged Sevenfold Gods of War - Manowar Beginning of the...

  • Mod

    Big Picture

    Replaces the display screen of the various computers throughout the levels with Steams 'Big Picture' (offline, of course).

  • Mod

    Halo Signs & Posters

    Replaces various signs and quarentine posters throughout the levels with ones based on Halo, such as adverts for Halo vehicles and UNSC war propaganda & recruitment posters to make it seem more like a world from Halo. Inspired by a Halo...

  • Mod

    XMas Signs

    Replaces multiple ads throughout the game with ones more fitting for the holiday season, like christmas sales and christmas-themed movies.

  • Mod

    'Sacrifice' Character Icons [L4D1]

    Replaces the character select, health bar and mid-level scoreboard images of the characters with ones made from the Sacrifice comic. A list of pak01_dir changes is included in the 'Changelog'.

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    Bus Stop Commercials LD

    A reduced resolution version of the commercial Bus Stop mod, this one making it cycle, through 6 commercials lasting 10 seconds each. It's seperate because I'd rather not replace the larger one entirely.

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    Bus Stop Commercials

    Changes the Bus Stop ad, making it cycle, through 6 commercials lasting 4 seconds each. The kind of ad you could expect in real-life (according to the Internet).

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    .44 Magnum HUD Icon

    Replaces the Desert Eagle Hud Icon with one of the S&W Model 29 .44 Magnum. This is incompatible with other script mods, so it also includes a 6-round capacity. *The correct file is now added*

  • Mod

    P90 HUD Icon

    A HUD icon for the FN P90. The texture is a stand-alone so it doesn't conflict with any other hud icon changes, though Silenced SMG scripts will conflict.

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