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  • Pros:

    - Narrrator
    - Good Instructions
    - Very Well Designed Map
    - Average Amount of Supplies (excluding ammo, when at map 3)


    - Map Crashed At Finale When The Tank Arrived (WTF? -2.5)
    - Too Many Zombie Hordes, Spawning Non-Stop (-1.0)
    - Specials / Tanks Stuck At The Door And Won't Move (-0.1)


    I wanted to give this map a 9.3/10 but the finale crash (at the elevator part)  made me very angry thinking that I have to restart, climbing the freaking ladders. Zombies spawning infront of you is ridiculous and there's so many of them! Crash is way too unacceptable, fix the cons and I might change the review for this average map. Cheers!

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