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A Dam Mission

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  • EricChang

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    Another nice dam camaign.

    I have played this campaign with my friends, it's very fun but slight challenging.^^ Survivors must complete the mission in the dam and finally arrive to helicopter to escape.^^ The most creative part is there has some text to show the mission objectives to  players , and pilot will also tell players how to finish the mission.^^ I think the hardest part is the last area in finale, players must to climb to the top to reach the helicopter, but also have to fight against zombie hordes and tanks along the way, especially if tank spawns in front of players, that will be more difficult.XD But this campaign is still very great and well-designed.^^ It's really recommended to play with friends.^^
    (The voice acting is slightly annoying.XD)

    Edited: March 2022

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