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  • solid campaign with one broken map

    Such a beautiful campaign. 
    But I have to agree map 3 suckssssssssss big time. The layout wasn't the best and the lighting made it worse. Why are doors and paths that don't do anything or lead to anywhere need to be high lighted?
    + unique setting
    + great texture
    + music is amazing
    + the custom model is amazing
    + unique weapon
    + probably the only custom campaign mall level that feels unique
    + the skybox is beautiful. 
    + good navigation mesh.
    + item and infected spawn is balance even on realism expert. plenty of loots. 
    - map 3 has terrible pathing, bad lighting guides, and super annoying cresendo event. 
    - map 5 feels lacking and small, since the other 3 maps are very big and unique. its a traditional finale but with double tanks. i know some people don't like double tanks, but I didn't mind it too much.
    - map 4 had some missing textures. 
    this is a pretty solid campaign with only a few glaring flaws.

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