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  • Pros:

    - Definitely a difficult one
    - Long campaign
    - Improved FPS
    - Hordes number
    - Based on a real park
    - Large area with some details
    - Easy to find the way
    - Well designed final
    - Texture 
    - BGM


    - Lots repetitive scenes in level three and four
    - Some open areas need more details and changes
    - FPS is still an issue 
    - Get bored at level three and four


    I believe i have played this campaign for over ten times and i really like it. The huge hordes are really challenging. Besides this, some parts of level three and four are difficult, because basically i can not find enough places to hold the hordes. Since there are lots of wide open areas, teammates are easy to be seperated and be surrounded by hordes. However,sometimes i can start to get really bored and frustrated at level three or level four, not only because they are hard but also because most scenes need more details and intereting elements. I mean without some changes, it's just running through trees and getting ambushed by SI and surrounded by hordes. 
    Generally speaking, level one, two, some parts in level three and four, also the final are really great. With improved FPS, i can add more custom elements to it. However, if you got some fresh and interesting ideas for level three and four, then the campaign would be perfect. Anyway, thanks for updating the campaign and trying to improve the fps issue. Please keep your good work up.

    This review was posted before the latest release.

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