SaltHell Park

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  • Alex_D_Vasilkov

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    Simple architecture, lots of space to explore

    The maps are built in a rather simplistic manner, but for the campaign's large open maps it's only for the better. Plenty of easter eggs, some nice events, good balance. And it's still getting updates.

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Version 4.1 Complete

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    SLR Rifleworks AR-15 [RNG Magazines] (M16) v5

    SLR Rifleworks AR-15 [RNG Magazines] (M16) v5 SLR Rifleworks AR-15 2 RNG (Black, Medium Coyote Ten) Magpul PMAG Magazines - 5.56x45mm NATO Rifle Skin Left 4 Dead 2 M16A2 Assault Rifle replacement skin. scripts More add hud ico...

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  • Mod
    Complete Population.

    ENG: Complete population its a new population mod that includes all common and uncommon infected from l4d1 and l4d2 in all campaigns. for expample now you can see formal infected on dead center,riot,ceda,regular infected from l4d1 and l4...

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  • Mod
    Lynched Witch and Spitter
    Beta N/A

    Hanged witcher and spitter corpses replace the lynched and hanged charger. -Swamp Campaign, 1st Chapter- (this is not compatible with witch or spitter skins, in expansion campaigns it does not work correctly, it can look glitched or it ...

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    AWP(CSS weapon) modified weapon script

    AWP(CSS weapon)modified weapon script now to stats of this gun,all i can say about this gun its,it will be the most powerful sniper rifle in entire game for your enjoyment and mine XD Recoil is higher then vanilla AWP But slightly lo...

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