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Fatal Freight: Remastered

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  • ShineKiaa

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    4.5 stars, Very up to standard, Classic official-like Custom map

    Completed in expert realism, duo expert realism and occasional hard eight expert. Played this map countless time, don't know why I haven't reviewed this yet.
    - Very neatly designed and scripted, hardly any bug or spawning in line of sight problem
    - The theme is very consistent, chapters are well connected from one another
    - Custom music and dialogue that made me feel blended in, the moment you hear the music, you know it's Fatal Freight
    - Professionally made with special loading screen, 
    - Balance and progressive difficulty, reasonable supplies
    - Awesome hybrid finale
    - Scripted SI that really well positioned to make the map challenging
    - Finale sometimes would bug out, I guess it happens when I press the radio the 2nd time too early
    - There are events throughout the maps, well scripted, not too easy not too unreasonable, but other than the finale they're not events that are so impactful and unique that I'd remember them even after a long while. For example the last gauntlet at the 4th chapter, sometimes can be quite intense, but wonder if it's the map but majority of the time, the horde and mobs that are coming in the way are quite few, it's not a necessity to use bile sometimes. And somehow the landscape was a bit doesn't make a sense to me or maybe it's just me, like how we run down the big square ladder thing in that gauntlet, perhaps making the landscape and the view more special and memorable?
    - Lack of beautiful views I guess if I were to be picky
    Overall it's a great map. Highly recommended to people that are new to custom map, 'cause this map is very classic, official-like kind of custom map. The quality is so good that for a moment I thought it's another official map. Definitely looking forward to another map from Zorbos.

    This review was posted before the latest release.

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