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  • Poorly Done But Fun

    I honestly don't know what to say. I had fun in the beginning and enjoyed the mini-game/challenge aspect of the maps and then it turned into just random garbage thrown together in like 10 seconds and then went back to being a fun mini-game/challenge map. Overall I actually enjoyed it. It was tough, but doable. The one thing I had a problem with is map 8. MAP 8. where do I begin. this was by far the hardest map with the tanks spawning infront and behind. and by this point you are already low on everything so it was extremely difficult. the hardest part being the damn ladders. You need to put up walls where the ladders are and fix their registration or something. more often than not we were restarting due to the fact that we got stuck on a ladder and then fell off the map trying to get off of it. several times we even grabbed the cliff instead of going down. MAP 10. The last map was decent, though because it is a finale so Id expect more health kits, ammo, and better weapons. The purple bus was also difficult to see in the dark. Overall, If you're looking for something different that will test your skills I'd recommend this. Though be prepared to die A LOT.

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