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  • Pros:

    -Looks very good
    -Plays well
    -Excellent weapon/item placement
    -Although it seemed like a copy of the original campaigns, it did have some neat ideas
    -Great amount of zombies (except finale, of course) and special infected


    -Lacks originality
    -Bots had a lot of trouble keeping up
    -A few glitches here and there ( I could climb a pipe in the sewer)
    -Finale is cool, but lasts too long and is too cluttered- takes away from what you are trying to do
    -Maps were boring, for them most part


    This campaign should be called, "Ripped Off." I say that because the entire campaign seemed like it was cut and pasted from all the original Left 4 Dead 2 campaigns. You start out in Dark Carnival, then go into The Passing, then The Parish, Then the Passing again, then Dead center, with a little bit of No Mercy throughout. Don't get me wrong, it's a decent campaign, but it definitely lacks originality. I found the campaign a bit boring. The finale was cool- for about 5 minutes, then it became redundant.
    I ran into a very annoying thing: In the first part, with all the abandoned cars, I went down to the left of the 2 tanker trucks (that you have to climb on) and then I couldn't get back up where I needed to be. You have to jump on the white jeep, but it glitches out. Basically, I had to restart the campaign because I couldn't get back up.
    Overall, it was a good campaign, but boring. If it's the author's first campaign, then well done. If not, then get some of your own ideas for settings. It wasn't so much WHAT you had to do in the campaign- because that was all original and cool- it was the settings and backgrounds that were the same as the original campaigns.

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